Friday, March 31, 2017


If you have looked at your AncestryDNA results it the past few days you have probably noticed a new tool, Genetic Communities, that was added to your AncestryDNA test results on Tuesday 28 April. 

This is a great new tool that I believe that we will be able to use in many ways as we use genetic genealogy to research our family history.  I am just starting to look at this new tool and will give an in-depth presentation of what the new tool is all about and how we can use it in our genealogy research at our Wednesday 12 April 2017 DNA Interest Group Meeting.  In the meantime, see what you can find out about the tool and come to the meeting with some of your discoveries.  At the present time, I have two genetic communities and am interested to see some of the communities that other members in the group are a part of.

Blaine Bettinger presented a live webinar, “Exploring AncestryDNA’s New Genetic Communities”, yesterday on Legacy Family Webinars that you will be available to view FREE through Tuesday 6 April 2017 on their website FamilyTreeWebinars, after which time it will be available to paid members only.

Be sure and take advantage of this free time to view this webinar before our meeting.

AncestryDNA offers help for this new tool by clicking on the question mark in Genetic Communities page once you are viewing your communities.

Several Genetic Genealogists have posted information on this new tool:

More information will follow, after I learn more.

Have a great weekend.

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