Wednesday, September 7, 2016


For some time I have been trying to find an answer to how to be able to fully access only DNA results on Ancestry without having to pay for a full subscription to the Ancestry database (which costs $189 to $389 depending the level of access).  I have discovered a webpage on Ancestry support that shows how this can be accomplished.  Click on the screenshot below to go to the webpage which will explain the access for "Registered Guests" which is free, "DNA Insights Subscription" which is $49 annually, and a "Subscribed Member" which ranges from $189 to $389.
The Insights Subscription will give you full access to the AncestryDNA information but you must call Ancestry directly at 1-800-401-1601 and ask for the Insights Subscription.  This subscription is not available online, only by calling.

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