Monday, August 8, 2016


Good news came by way of E-mail today!

The Legal Genealogist, Judy Russell provided information on her blog today that provided the answer to a question that I have searched for many times.  How do you access all of the great DNA tools that Ancestry provides without subscribing to access all of Ancestry records, which cost $189 to $389 per year depending on the type of access they offer?  The Free Registered Guest account only lets one have limited access to the DNA results.  There is a DNA Insights Subscriptions for only $49 per year that allows full access to your DNA results and use of all of the great DNA tools on Ancestry but no access to Ancestry records.  You can find more detailed information HERE about each of these choices.  Ancestry does not tell you much about the Insight Subscription unless you call, and you cannot order it online you must call them at 1-800-401-1601.

We will go over this in more detail tomorrow at our DNA Interest Group Meeting.

Happy DNA cousin hunting.

Sunday, August 7, 2016